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Pier Fishing

August 21, 2021

Pier Fishing

Pier fishing is an angling method that makes easy access to shore fishing with over-water access of boat fishing. It is a hybrid angling method and one of the best experiences the anglers can have. 

Best time of Pier Fishing:

Fishing pier not only sounds good but there is also a lot to do, to make your job little easier you must be sure about the best time you can use fishing piers,

You must understand the fish behavior during different times of the day. For example, the fish in the colder regions are more active during the daytime, while in the hot areas, it is more active either early morning or before sunset when tides are moving. 

Advantages of Pier Fishing:

There are certain advantages of the fishing pier that you must be aware of,

  • This method does not require much commitment, so that you can cast all day long.

  • The anglers can have access to game fishing.

  • You can avoid seasickness.

  • Pier fishing is convenient and affordable.

  • You will learn anglers etiquette while you are with other anglers on the pier.

Pier Fishing gear:

Here is the list of the essential fishing pier gears that you must have

  • Spinning rod (7-foot to 9-foot )

  • Fishing cart ( to transport the fishing gear)

  • Fishing Hooks ( size: 4 to 2/0)

  • Jigs and Rigs

  • Pier net

  • Baits and lures (bloodworms, shrimp and squid, anchovies and sardines)

  • Sinkers (e.g, pyramid sinker)

  • Bucket

  • Pilers

  • Polaroid sunglasses

  • Portable chair

Sight to Fish from Pier:

Pier rats like to say,“the biggest biters are at the end of the pier.”  Fish mostly gather near the shore. Rocks formation, drop-offs, and underwater structures are the sights where fish hide and feed.

Fish are present in deeper waters. Sometimes larger fish rise while they are hunting other fishes. Where birds are circling is the sight where you may find the fish.

Pier Fishing Tips and Tricks:

  • You can master in fishing pier by following specific tips and tricks that are given below,
  • Locate submerged troughs or structures; these structures are the sites where most baitfish are attracted, and small baitfish are the food of larger fish.
  • Cast during the low tides.
  • Setup the two gear situations for two different conditions, one in normal conditions for smaller fish and one for larger fish and rough conditions.
  • Always research first takes the inlet from the pier fishing local fishing shop. Understand the best time to fish and select your baits properly.
  • Organize fishing gear, get a gear healer. It will save your time and energy.
  • Observing the sea birds that feed on small baitfish will help you to find the larger fishes.
  • Always wear polaroid sunglasses to avoid sun glare.
  • Don't reel the fish from water to the pier; it may harm your fish that is unethical, so use the pier net. Scoop your fish with a pier net while the fish is in water.
  • Avoid the piling as fish may make an effort to break your line on the structure.
  • For live baits, use the battery-operated bait bucket; it will provide your baits oxygen, so die may not die.
Get your license and be ready to enjoy the fantastic pier fishing experience.

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