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Fly Fishing

August 24, 2021

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is saltwater and freshwater fishing in which lures are used to attract the fish. Fly fishing is one of the oldest methods of angling and recreation. 

Difference between Fly fishing and Bait fishing:

 The main difference between fly fishing and bait or spin fishing is the casting line weight used in fly fishing, while in spin fishing, the bait weight at the end of the rod gives the casting distance.

Fish Species:

Fly fishing is the renowned method of catching,

  • Bass

  • Trout

  • Pike

  • Panfish

  • Salmon

  • Grayling

  • Tarpon

  • Snook

  • Carp

  • Wahoo

  • Tuna

  • Shark

  • Marlin

Fly Fishing Tackle:

Any fish can be targeted through fly fishing if the proper tackle is used. The basic tackle for fly fishing includes

  • Fly fishing Rod 

  • Fly fishing reel 

  • Fly fishing lines 

  • Flies and lures

  • Knot

Fly fishing Rods:

Depending upon different conditions, the rods used for fly fishing may vary in material length and weight. Usually, the longer rods are used for, the smaller streams.

For freshwater fly fishing, the length of the rod is about 7ft, and for saltwater fishing, the length may be up to 12 ft. The material used may be fiberglass, bamboo, carbon, etc. 

Fly fishing Reels:

The strength of the reels for fly fishing is selected depending upon the fish type you are fishing. The reel provides the drag force against slow and fast-moving species.

The modern fly fishing reels are aluminum alloy and have an efficient braking system to drag the fish. Arbor-type reels are mostly used. The fly reels are not designed to retrieve the flies, unlike those in spinning reels.

Fly fishing Lines:

Fly fishing lines are used to cast the lures and flies under different water conditions. The heavy fly fishing line made of silk is used to cast the flies forward.

For successful casting, the fishing lines must be in accordance with the design of the fly fishing rod for the appropriate weight. 

Flies and Lures:

The flies used for fly fishing are

  • Dry flies

  • Wet flies

Dry Flies:

Dry flies are mostly used for surface casting and represent the insects that landing on emerging from and falling on the water surface; it may include

  • Grasshopper

  • Beetle

  • Dragonfly

  • Stonefly

  • Mayfly

  • Ant

  • Caddisfly

Wet Flies:

Wet flies are also called streamers. The flies are so designed that they resemble the aquatic prey as

  • Baitfish

  • Crayfish

  • Larvae

  • Nymphs

  • Pupae

  • Leeches

  • Worms

  • Minnows


Knots are used to attach different parts of the fly lines. Several types of knots are used

  • Improved clinch knot

  • Arbor knot

  • Albright knot 

Fly fishing Casting methods:

The fly fish casting varies according to conditions; certain casting methods of fly fishing are

  • Forward cast

  • Spey cast

  • False cast

  • roll cast

  • Side- or- curve cast

  • Single -or -double-haul cast

  • Tuck cast

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