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About Us

What is Fishing Nice?

Fishing Nice– the name says it all- is an online fishing shop that every fishing enthusiast has dreamt of. As the name indicates, Fishing Nice is meant to let you experience the ‘nicest’ of fishing experience. Now it is the time to replace your old fishing apparels with trendy and cool stuff from Fishing Nice.


About four years ago, a group of passionate young anglers went fishing. Hence, they decided to shop for certain fishing products. Eventually they ended up wearing unsuitable fishing apparels which made their ‘nice day’ into the ‘worst day’. Therefore, they decided to made Fishing Nice for their fellow anglers to wish them a ‘nice day’

Since then, Fishing Nice is known globally as one the leading US based online fishing store that truly understands what anglers actually want. Fishing Nice is not just an online store, selling trendy fishing apparels but it is beyond that. Fishing Nice is a community for fishing fanatics. Being fishing enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the trouble you face when you don’t find appropriate fishing apparel. That’s why we bring you the cozy fabric for your fishing day.

With a variety of vibrant color, customized graphics T-shirts and astounding 3D Fishing Hoodies. Fishing Nice has covered you completely. Therefore, utilizing latest designed creativity and top-of-the line fabrics, Fishing Nice products are genuinely made for passionate anglers.


Founded in 2016, at Spring Valley (New York), Fishing Nice made products that truly indulge in nature. The exotic graphical prints of sea, fishes and waves bring you a sense of the true feeling of ocean. The ultimate comfort in our cozy fabric lets you experience the sooth of calm water. Our Fishing Apparels are truly inspired by the passionate lifestyle of proficient anglers, deckhands, captain and sailors. Today, Fishing Nice is a renowned name for every fishing fanatic man and woman to unite the global community of fishing lovers. Our authentic Fishing Apparels sketch the phenomenal sea lifestyle. Therefore, our finest Fishing Apparels are endorsed among world’s top professionals, expert anglers, captains, men and women.


Once you catch the big fish you reel it up swiftly. Similarly, we don’t believe in delays. As soon as you ‘Add to cart’ and proceed to pay. At the same time, we start our shipping process. Consequently, you get authentic Fishing Apparel in just 3 to 5 business days. Whereas, our international fishing enthusiasts can acquire their original Fishing Apparels within a few weeks.


Our diligent team is always here to alleviate your concerns and assist you to the core. Our staff works around the clock to ensure your satisfaction. So, don’t hesitate to click ‘contact us’ whenever you want.