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September 05, 2021


Crawfish are crustaceans. The delicious tiny freshwater lobsters, Crawfish, and Crayfish are from the same species; they may differ in appearance and location.

Scientific and Common Name:

Cambarus sp. is the scientific name.

Crawdad, freshwater lobster, Crayfish, yabbies are different common names of the crawfish. 


  • With powerful claws, the body is segmented.

  • The body color may be dark brown, red, green, or yellow.

  • Thorax and head are joined.

  • Five pairs of legs and sharp pincers.

  • Eyes are present on stalks so they can move their eyes for stalking.

  • They may be 6 inches long.


Crawfish are primarily active at night, mainly present in fast-flowing rivers and streams, and prefer rocky areas. There are two reasons they are present in fast-flowing waters, firstly, they can not live in polluted habitats, and secondly, they are not strong swimmers, so they wait for the food carried by currents.

It may also be present in the underwater foliage that provides them cover and food. However, they are primarily present in oxygen and calcium-rich waters. 


They are omnivores and mainly feed on fish eggs, small insects, and leaves. Crawfish is known for cannibalizing its kind as well as animal flesh.


Raccoons, snakes, and humans are the predators that target crawfish in large numbers. 

How to Catch Crawfish:

To catch the crawfish, you must know about

  • Tackle for the Crawfish 

  • Method to catch Crawfish

Tackle For Crawfish:

You need basic tackle to catch crawfish

  • Bucket (to keep your catch)

  • Crawfish trap

  • Fishing rod and reel

  • Bait (dog food, chicken leg, bacon, and liver)

Method to Catch Crawfish:

Crawfish are not difficult to catch; you need to be patient. One of the most widely used and easiest methods to catch the crawfish is by using traps.

The traps are funnel-shaped and made of wires. The crawfish, once trapped in it, cannot go out. The crawfish traps are readily available at the bait shop and can also be made by yourself.

The traps are baited with bacon, dog food, or liver. After the trap is ready, you lower it to the bottom, wait until it rises slowly, and place the net underneath. Leave the trap in the water overnight. You might scare the crawfish if you disturbed the trap. A boat dock is the best place to catch the crawfish using a trap. 

Things to do after the Crawfish is trapped:

Crawfish can be dead due to less supply of oxygen at the trap. However, crawfish are alive for the whole day in the bucket covered with a gunny sack or wet towel. You want a live crawfish to be cooked for your dinner.

Crawfish Near Me:

In California, the crawfish are non-native and have only one native species, Shasta crawdad. So in California, the best place to find crawfish is in the slow-moving creeks.

Topanga Creek:

Topanga Creek is California with a red swamp crayfish population.

Malibu Creek:

Malibu Creek is in western Los Angeles and is the main center of red swamp crayfish management. This creek is the best place to catch crawfish and to enjoy your trip.

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