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August 10, 2021


Jack Fish is a marine fish and belongs to the family Carangidae. The powerful predatory fish is vital to commercial fisheries as annual catches are about 3000 tons. 

Species Of Jack Fish:

Some species of jackfish are

  • Bar Jack

  • Yellow Jack

  • Leather Jack

  • Rainbow Runner

  • PilotFish

  • Horse eye Jack


The fish has a moderately compressed elongated body, growing to the weight of about 32 kg and length of 125 cm. The dorsal side is more convex than the ventral side. The fish shows brassy green to blue or bluish-black dorsally and silvery-white or golden ventrally.

The fish morphologically resembles other deep-bodied carangids. However, it differs because it contains the ray fin and lateral line scale counts(23 to 35). In addition, almost 42 gills rackers and 25 vertebrae are present. 


The fish inhabits both inshore and offshore waters and is widely distributed in waters of the Atlantic Ocean and are present in both temperate and tropical waters. 

The best habitat of jack fish is in the reefs, beaches, bays, seagrass beds, lagoons. They are most commonly found in water with a pH of about 6-7 with temperature ranges from 22–30 °C.

Diet of Jack Fish:

Predatory fish that prey on other fishes usually but invertebrates also hold secondary importance to diet. The fish diet includes mollusks, crabs, shrimps, prawns, cephalopods, stomatopods. 

The fish feeds throughout the day and becomes inactive at night.

Catching Of Jack Fish:

Jack fish is a game fish and can be caught from the boats and the platforms. The fish takes everything in feeding mode, so both live and cut baits and artificial lures are effective. 

Fish are primarily present in the holes, reefs, and channels, the areas where the depth suddenly changes. Various lures can be used, such as squids, prawns, flies, jigs, poppers, etc.

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