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Guide to Catch Northern Pike This Winter

December 27, 2022

Guide to Catch Northern Pike This Winter

The Northern pike is famous for the name of aggressive predator and is considered as the best challenging game fish to catch. To know more about this fish, you can check our blog The Aggressive Predator -  Northern Pike.

The experience of catching northern pike is full of adventure even in winters as they fight with the line, and you need some extra skills to catch this lithe predator. Unlike other fishes, the northern pike is more active during the colder season, so the anglers love to catch this trophy game fish all the year round. This blog is all about the basic guide you need to catch this deadly predator fish in winter.

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When and Where You Can Find Northern Pike in Winters:

If you are wondering what time is the best and where you can find pike, so for your ease there is a tip you have to remember while looking for pike in winters, winters considered as golden time for pike fishing and in colder water pike mostly gathered in the slow moving or shallow water. Pike fishing is all about understanding the relation between water temperature and northern pike activities. The best of all time for fishing pike in winters is early in the morning or after the midday.

Tips to Catch Northern Pike in Winter:

  • If you want to get the pike of your dreams, you must be consistent and wait for a good pike to bite your bait. Firstly, you should know about the pike feeding strategies and what food can attract northern pike. Live baits such as minnows, golden as well as blue shiners are mostly used.
  • Use the bright color triggering, energetic, active, fast gliding baits and lures of different size preferably the larger ones while you are focusing to catch a big pike.
  • To get a good pike, look for the weeds, reefs, creeks or other such areas which not only provide them cover but also have warmth which northern pike are seeking for in winters. Specially the deep water holes near the soft forage prove to be the best location for fishing northern pike, as such holes attract lots of worms and minnows, which in turn attract pike.
  • Use different techniques and methods before leaving a certain spot. But make sure you are not wasting your time by sticking to one spot and casting at one place multiple times. Take pause between two casts, and do not cast immediately after you retrieve your lure.
  • The proper fishing gear will make your day, a heavy spooling fishing reel in the 8-12 weight category with flies as lures is really appropriate. Fishing Nice has some good options of fishing reels to choose from.

Best Method to Catch Northern Pike in Winters:

One of the best and most popular method to catch undoubtedly the best trophy fish of winters is, tip-up method. The method is about basically using a live bite connected to the line of the reel, which tips off the flag when you pulled the fishing line out.

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Some of the anglers also tried their lucks with jigging, but I suggest you to do some energetic jigging to seduce the mighty predator.


Enjoy your trip to catch the mighty predator and share your tactics for winter northern pike fishing with us.

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