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Winter Bass Fishing

January 03, 2023

Winter Bass Fishing

Bass fish as always the most hyped trophy fish but a great fighter at the same time and winter weather make the bass fishing experience more difficult and frustrating. We had already so many blog on bass fishing like get ready for sea bass fishing, largemouth bass, are you ready to explore bass fishing spots?, all these blogs show that bass is also our favorite like all anglers worldwide.

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Mostly people think fishing season ends in November and bass fishing is only related to warm season, but here for your ease I have managed to put together some tip and tactics for winter bass fishing.

Best Fishing Tips for Winter Bass Fishing:

As in winters, bass metabolism slows down and all this make a bit complicated to catch, but you need to prepare and learn to change your strategies.

  • The best time to catch bass in winters is the day time when it shines, rather than early chilly mornings. The perfect time is between afternoon till sunset.

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  • Clear lake water with natural covers like wood, fixtures, rock, grass, or docks will be your must-go spot for bass fishing. Water depths are very important, especially in winters, bass are at about 3 to 5 times deeper in winters than in summers. 
  • When you are at the river, stay near the shore as fish tend to school in shallow warm waters of the river bank, you can also try boat fishing.
  • Keep everything simple, and show a little patience you have to wait the bass to understand that your lure is dead.

Best Gear For Winter Bass Fishing:

Being an experienced angler, you know that winter bass fishing is all about using suitable gear.

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Use small size natural baits and lures. Prefer to use green, black, white or gray colors. Use slow moving lures like spoons, blade baits, jigs, as well as plastic bait fish, dying minnow, shallow, rubber worms. A spinning reel of maximum drag power of around 15 kg, Fishing Nice has some amazing options of fishing reels you can check it.

Fishing Outfit For Bass Fishing:

Not only fishing gear, but bass fishing is also about the feel you get while wearing a good fishing outfit on your bass fishing trip. Fishing Nice has an amazing collection of bass fishing apparel and for your ease there is an amazing sale going on our website. 

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