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Wahoo Fishing

September 04, 2022

Wahoo Fishing

Acanthocybium solandri, Wahoo pelagic fish of tropical and subtropical waters. It is highly valued and prized game fish, commonly known as ono and hoo in Hawaii and in other stats of America.

Wahoo is present in the Indian, Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.

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General Characteristics of Wahoo Fish:

  • The fish has a streamlined, flat body. The body shape makes wahoo a fast moving fish.
  • The body color of wahoo is blue on the back and silver to gray color on the sides with some sort of vertical patterned bars or strips.
  • The fish has razor shaped sharp teeth they have beak line jaws and their mouth is also somewhat long. 
  • The largest wahoo weighs about 56 kg, with the body length of average 7 ft (213.36 cm).
  • Wahoo has small finlets between anal and dorsal fins. The fish has a slender crescent-shaped tail.

Wahoo Distinguishing Features:

This sport fish is sometimes confused with King mackerel, Spanish mackerel, and Barracuda.

  • Wahoo has less visible scales, while Barracuda has prominent scales.
  • Wahoo has razor like teeth, while Barracuda has dagger like teeth.
  • Although wahoo has similar yet shorter teeth as mackerel, but wahoo mandible is covered with a fold of skin when its mouth is close.

Wahoo Fishing:

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Best Time to Catch Wahoo:

To experience the best wahoo fishing you can arrange a fishing trip with your friends and family in September, while if you want to experience winter wahoo fishing consider the months of October to February

Wahoo are most active during feeding times at dawn and dusk, so it is an ample time to catch a big wahoo. Wahoo is also active when tides are changing at the full moon or new moon phase.

Best Spots to Find Wahoo:

Wahoo is a solitary fish and mostly present in cooler water. Search the areas near reefs, lodges, drop-offs, lobster buoys for the wahoo. While fishing wahoo patience is the key. 

Method of Wahoo Fishing:

Wahoo fishing can be done using rigs and jigs, however, trolling is the most effective method to get a mighty high speed wahoo.

Wahoo Fishing Gear:

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