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Red Drum

September 07, 2022

Red Drum

Sciaenops ocellatus, red drum, is the only species of the genus Sciaenops. The game fish is present from Florida to Northern Mexico, as well as present in the Atlantic Ocean. The fish has some common names, such as,

  • Red
  • Redfish
  • Channel bass
  • Puppy drum
  • Bull red
  • Spot tail bass

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Distinctive Features and Facts of Red drum fish:

  • The fish belongs to the drum family, and all drum fishes are known to produce croaking sounds by special muscles which cause vibration in the swim bladder and produce a drum like sound.
  • The red fish has black spots on the tail, these spots are particularly known as eye spot, which is also a distinctive feature. 

Pc: Center for Fisheries Research and Development - The University of Southern Mississippi

  • The body of the red drum is copper silver with the white gray belly. The body of the channel bass is streamlined with dark scales. 
  • Red drum has a blunt snout and sloping head and arched back, their caudal fin is concave.
  • The red drum fish is known to use touch and sight senses and the tail black spots as to fool predators.
  • Average lifespan is 35 years.
  • The recorded average size and weight of red fish is 5 feet and 90 pounds.
  • Red drum are grown in aquaculture as they are not only good sport fish but an excellent food fish.

Habitat and Range of Red drum:

While young, they are adapted to a wide range of habitats, and move to both freshwater and saltwater, while adult red fish can survive to selective habitats. They are present around the rocky structures, bays, marsh areas, oyster bottoms, bridges, seagrass beds and other such areas. 

They are present in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, widely distributed in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi

Feeding and Predators of Red drum:

The fish feed on small invertebrates, shrimps, crabs, zooplankton as well as small fishes, mullet, minnows, sea robin, lizard fish, Atlantic croaker, menhaden and pin fish.

Human is the largest predator of red fish, however when young they are preyed upon by birds

Red drum Fishing:

Red drum fishing season runs throughout the year, the best adult red fish are present from May through November. Mostly, anglers love to fish red drum at night.

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The seabirds hovering a particular spot is an indication that you might get a good red fish and some other fishes too. Fishing this fish is not a rocket science, you just know about the best spots where you can find the fish and what methods will be helpful.

Red drum Fishing Techniques:

Such fishing techniques are mostly used by anglers.

Red drum Fishing Gear:

You must have,

Enjoy your red drum fishing this season and share your experience with us.

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