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Trout Fly Fishing in America

January 09, 2022

Trout Fly Fishing in America

Trout is a freshwater hard fighting game fish that is closely related to salmon. There are two trout fishing methods, fly fishing and ice fishing.

To know more about trout fishing, you can check the article Trout Fishing.

This article is about the best destinations for trout fishing in America.


If you are looking to catch big trophy trout, you must look at the list of the angler’s favorite destinations of trout fly fishing, and these are,

  • Grayling-Michigan
  • Mountain Home-Arkansas
  • Redding-California
  • Glenwood Springs-Colorado
  • State College-Pennsylvania
  • Asheville-North Carolina
  • Green River-Wyoming
  • Connecticut River-New Hemisphere
  • Bois Brule River-Wisconsin
  • Gallatin River-Montana
  • Deschutes River-Oregon
  • Clearwater River-Idaho
  • Roscoe-New York
  • South Holston-Tennessee
  • Chesapeake Bay-Maryland


This ausable river is among the premier trout fish in the town and is known worldwide for fishing trout. The trout size is decentable here. The river also provides good quality bass, walleye, bluegill and pike.

Mountain Home-Arkansas:

It offers fishing all year round, and it is well known for the brown trout, which is non-migratory and can only be found in this area. The annual catch is about thirty pounds each year. Walleye, white bass, catfish, bluegill, crappie, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass can also be caught here.


For the experienced anglers, Fall River and Hat creek provide the most significant and best trout; however, people also like to go to McCloud river for trout fly fishing as it has a leaping amount of trout. Lower Sacramento is the largest trout providing river in California.

Glenwood Springs-Colorado:

Glenwood Springs is the best place to access various best trout fishing spots in Colorado, like roaring fork, colorado river, frying pan, crystal river etc. Glenwood is the home of rainbow trout, cutthroats, brookies and browns. The catch from Glenwood springs will make you proud in your angler’s community. 

State College-Pennsylvania:

State college is a small town but well known for the brown and rainbow trout. It is known to be the best Keystone’s state for trout fishing destinations; the other fish also abundant here are catfish, waterways, perch, and bass.

Asheville-North Carolina:

Mountainside streams are best to catch large trout; however, for brook trout, the Appalachians on the southern side are best. Here anglers also love to catch stripers, muskies, and smallmouth.

Green River-Wyoming:

Green river high plains are home to brown trout. The world's largest trout populations are found in tailwater in Utah. Rainbow trout, lake trout, brown trout are present in Flaming Gorge Reservoir, but the deep reservoir water demands some profound expertise of fly fishing to catch trout.

Connecticut River-New Hemisphere:

Downstream the river provides the best quality brown and rainbow trout; you can have the best trout wherever you find good current. The river has certain areas which are the best warm-water fisheries. The river water flows to three Connecticut lakes as lakes 1, 2 and 3 and lake Francis. This provides the best brook trout.

Bois Brule River-Wisconsin:

The river, which flows between hardwood forest and boreal-flavoured conifer, is not only best for the brook and brown trout but also provides good quality steelhead.

Gallatin River Montana:

Gallatin river is everyone's lovable place with its classy trout streams like Yellowstone, Firehole, Madison, and even some spring creeks of paradise valley. The river provides the best quality brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout.

Deschutes River-Oregon:

Deschutes is one of the apocryphal trout streams. Deschutes is the best for casting steelhead, rainbow trout, brook trout, bull trout, mountain whitefish, chinook salmon, sockeye salmon and red band trout.

Clearwater River-Idaho:

This river is the top grade for trout fishing, specifically the cutthroat. The river is also famous for steelhead fish. The other fishes one can catch at clearwater are sunfish, kokanee, chinook salmon, and mountain whitefish.

Roscoe-New York:

Brown and rainbow trout are known for the popularity of this river; in fact, Roscoe is the nickname of trout town in the United States.

South Holston-Tennessee:

Southeast America has one of the best trout fly fishing destinations named South Holston. Trout fish you find here are not only good in quantity but also best in quality with large size. The other fish species are black bass, crappie, walleye, sunfish, and catfish.

Chesapeake Bay-Maryland:

The bay is also best known as a fly fishing destination. The bay has the big trout and offers redrum, catfish, bluefish, black drum, white perch, striped bass, and many other fishes.

So, plan your trip towards the best trout fishing destinations in America and enjoy.

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