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Top Five Freshwater Fish Species to Catch for Sports Fisherman in 2021

September 23, 2021

Top Five Freshwater Fish Species to Catch for Sports Fisherman in 2021

Sports fishing is a passion of many. Every fish is different. Every Strategy is different. Every climate and country is different and amongst these what are the most popular fish species for sports fisherman around the world? Here are the top five.

#5: Salmon

Salmon are an anadromous fish species. Meaning they live in both salt and freshwater.

Salmon change colors based on their life stages.Juvenile = light red and spotted, Adult (in the ocean) = silvery Blue and when they are Ready To Spawn = bright red with a green head.

These species are Keystone Species - this means that they have a disproportionately large impact on the ecosystem. Their populations are essential for eagles, trees, bears, sturgeon etc.

Without salmon the ecosystem would collapse.

Best Places to go salmon fishing:

There are three top spots to fish for salmon and they are: 

  1. a)Kole peninsula ,Russia. 

  2. b)The rivers in Iceland 

  3. c)The rivers in Northern Canada

Recommended salmon fishing trips: Peninsula, Russia. - Iceland Rivers. Northern Canadian Rivers.


#4: Trout

Trout species are the most genetically diverse vertebrates known to man.

The All- Tackle world record for brown trout was 42lbs and caught in Michigan, United states.

The Rainbow trout is the ultimate favorite for fly fisherman around the world and is responsible for thousands of trips each year.

Best Places to fish for Trout:

The best places to catch trout are 

  1. a)Kamchakta peninsula, Russia. 

  2. b)New Zealand. 

  3. c)Rio grande, Argentina.

Recommended fishing outfits: - Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. - New Zealand. - Rio Grande, Argentina.

#3: (Cichlid) Tucunaré

Peacock bass are the largest of the cichlid family - growing to 1m in length.

They are known for their ferocious attacks, often bending and destroying lures.

 Great to fish with top water lures for fly fishing!

Best Places to catch Tucunaré:

These Fish are found mainly in the 

A)Amazonas (Brazil) 

B)United States (Florida).

It is best to catch these fish during their spawning periods as they attack everything on site in order to protect their offspring. In Brazil the best time to fish is between September to January.

Recommended fishing outfits: -Rio Uatumã, Brazil. - Miami, Florida. - Brazil.

#2: Catfish

Catfish live primarily inland and in every continent besides antarctica.

The three biggest species are the Mekong Catfish, The Wells Catfish and the Piraiba.

Catfish are primarily bottom dwellers and eat whatever they can find on the water's floor.

Best Places to catch catfish:

Blue catfish, wels catfish and Piraiba are all very popular catfish species amongst sports fisherman.

  1. a)The best places to catch the Blue Catfish are the mississippi, missouri and Ohio.

  2. b)The best place to catch catfish is the River Ebro in Spain, however they are spread out all across europe.

  3. c)to catch Piraiba the best place isBrazil, amazonas. Here you will find the largest Piraiba upwards of 200- 300 lbs.

Recommended fishing outfits: -Mississippi River, USA. - River Ebro, Spain. Amazonas, Brazil.

#1: Bass

Large mouth Bass are the most sought after fish to catch by sports fisherman around the world.

Largemouth bass, like Peacock bass, are famous for how vigorously they fight and how they resist being brought into a boat or on shore after being hooked.

Bass have an extra sensory system that can detect motions in the flow of water.

Although many fish have this sense, Large mouth bass are one of the few who use this sense for hunting.

Best Places for Bass fishing:

The United States is hands down the best place to catch the largest large mouth bass!

Recommended fishing outfits: -Lake fork, Texas. Lake Kissimmee, Florida. Toledo Bend reservoir, Louisiana.

Thanks to Tarzan Fishing Adventures for this article.

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