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Top 5 freshwater fishing destinations

October 01, 2021

Top 5 freshwater fishing destinations

All over our beautiful planet, there are many different locations where you can enjoy top-notch freshwater fishing. Some locations are better than others. A lot depends on preference. However, certain locations are undeniably better than others. Here are our top 5 freshwater fishing locations that are guaranteed experiences that will have you wanting to come back every year.

Pantabangan Lake, Philippines:

One does not typically think of the Philippines when freshwater fishing comes to mind. And why would you? Most fishing done here is for one's livelihood, and sport fishing isn't a quite easily grasped concept. However, Pantabangan Lake, Philippines, has some of the best freshwater sports fishing in Asia.

Pantabangan Lake is located in the Nueva Ecija Province and is about a four-hour drive from Manila. In the '90s, this town changed drastically due to the installation of the Pantabangan Dam, which led to the submersion of much of the old city.

Thankfully here, the fishing has remained. In Pantabangan, you can catch carp, snake murrel, tilapia, and the angler favorite - largemouth bass.

Fishermen here still fish primarily to survive. Because of this, they will normally rent out their fishing boats in the day and then do their fishing at night.

Currently, Pantabangan is a hot spot for Korean fishermen but don't let this sway your decision as many people in the Philippines speak English since it is one of their two official languages.

Other than great fishing, the scenery and natural beauty of Pantangan are truly a sight for sore eyes.

Combined with the great fishing, breathtaking scenery, and relatively affordable prices in the Philippines, we highly recommend this fishing location.

We recommend you find a local inn or stay and find a local fisherman whilst there to take you on a once-in-a-lifetime fishing adventure!

Mississauga, Lake Ontario, Canada: 

Located just an hour outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Mississauga is home to approximately 800 thousand residents and is Ontario's third-largest city. However, much more importantly, Mississauga is home to some of Canada's BEST freshwater fishing.

The Credit River of Mississauga is home to 75 different fish species such as Chinook, Musky, Rainbow Trout, and Largemouth Bass.

On the river, many independent charters are offering their professional fishing experiences. 

Whether you would like to go for a weekend after a business trip in Toronto or rent a beautiful chalet for a week of fishing, Mississauga offers top-quality accommodations and an unforgettable fishing experience.

We recommend you check out Glenner Inn for a lovely fishing vacation in Mississauga.

Table Rock Lake, Branson, Missouri: 

Table Rock Lake is a reservoir lake in the Ozarks of Southwestern and Northwestern Missouri. If the word Ozark sounds familiar to you, this is the same location as the popular Netflix show Ozark. This area of the United States is famous for family vacations during its beautiful summer months. Many people enjoy spending their summer holidays here, cottaging and doing water sports.

For the freshwater fisherman, this place is the USA's el dorado of fishing. Table Rock Lake is known for its abundance of White Crappie, Blue Gill, Long Ear Sunfish, Smallmouth, and Largemouth Bass.

In the spring, the fish become more active as the water levels rise and move into shallower waters to seek spawning locations. Most of this fishing is at the lower end of the lake and well offshore in the summer.

Quite honestly, any time of year, the fishing is phenomenal. It just depends on what fish you are looking for and how you like to fish them! We recommend checking out fish masters for a trip to the Ozarks,

Llieda, Catalonia:

Located in the west part of Catalonia, Spain ( the same province as Barcelona) is the town of Lleida. This town is one of the oldest towns in Catalonia that dates back to the Bronze Age.

This small city of 140 thousand people with its beautiful architecture is somewhat of a secret amongst fishermen. What makes this place so special? Here, many fishermen go to catch Giant Wels Catfish on the Ebro river.

If you want to get in some European sightseeing while bringing in one of the largest catfish known to man, Lleida, Spain, is the place to be!

We recommend you check out Port massaluca Camping if a trip to Leida interests you!

Amazon River, Brazil:

If you stayed with us until the end, good job! Here we decided to save the best for last. The Amazon River Brazil. And it is no surprise why more and more fishermen come to the Amazon River to fish every year in Brazil- it is simply the best!

Combined with a rich culture, many rivers, thousands of fish species, and a plethora of wildlife, the Brazil Amazon is the most unique, interesting, and unforgettable place to go freshwater fishing.

The majority of fishermen come for the fierce Peacock Bass. Not a bass but rather a cichlid; these fish are known as the "freshwater bullies," and it is not uncommon for them to bend and even break your lures when attacking. During their spawning season, they are hyper-aggressive and will attack everything in sight.

Not only does the Brazilian Amazon have the most Peacocks, but they have the largest as well!

If you want to catch something different, the Amazon River has many gigantic catfish like the Piraiba and Pirata. And if you are looking to catch something completely different, try your sites on an air-breathing Arapaima or even an electric eel-just be careful not to get shocked!

There are many fishing outfits along with the many parts of the Amazon River, and we recommend you research which one best suits your needs and, ultimately, your bottom line.

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Thanks to Tarzan Fishing Adventures, for this article.

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