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Surf Fishing

July 26, 2021

Surf Fishing

Surf fishing catches the fish by wading into the surf or casting from the shoreline. Thus, it is also called  beach casting or surfcasting


The fish weight ranges from a few pounds to 78.5 lb. Surf fishing is shore fishing and may or may not use the lures and baits for fishing. The lures, if used, are bunker, bluefish, cut bait from spot, croaker, cut mullet.

The species common towards the eastern coast of the United States are

  • Striped Bass

  • Bluefish 

  • Weakfish

  • Tarpon 

  • Pompano

  • Flounder

  • Redfish

  • Black drum

  • Albacore tuna 

  • Snook

  • Tautog

  • Bonito

  • Spanish mackerel

The west of the US has the fish that you can catch while surf fishing is 

  • California Corbina 

  • Barred Surfperch

  • California Halibut

  • Spotfin Croaker

Surf Fishing Gear:

The typical gear you need for surf fishing are

  • Fishing License

  • Fishing Rod and Feel

  • Cast Net

  • Tackle and Bait

  • Surf Fishing Rigs (Fish-Finder and Drop)

  • Knife

  • Bait Bucket 

  • Pliers or Disgorger

  • Umbrella and Rain Gear

  • First Aid Kit

  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Rigs in Surf Fishing:

In surf fishing, you have to battle the waves and the high winds. The rigs are helpful. The basic mechanism of working of surf fishing rigs is 

  • Resist the water currents

  • Kicks the sand

  • Let the Bait bounce

  • Helps in fish connecting

Resist the Water Currents:

A skinner holds your rig's presentation near the bottom, thus helping to resist the currents.

Kicks the Sand:

As the skinner moves slowly, this is good as it kicks off the sand, and the wounded bait does its work to intimate a fish. 

Let the Bait bounce:

The bait bounces up and down off the bottom and creates live bait-like movements that help in attracting the fish. 

Helps in Fish Connecting:

The skinner is linked to your mainline, and when the fish approaches your bait, it quickly links to the rod via your line. 

Surf Fishing tips for beginners:

Surf fishing can be the most joyful experience. However, you have to spend time learning the tides and have the best gear for an action-packed fishing trip. The following tips might be helpful. 

Start with Scouting Mission:

Find the best area by walking at the low tide because you can easily locate the food-providing structures at the low tide. Fishing off the beach is like a puzzle. Some areas are easy to read, but swinging the odds in your favor is a time investment. 

Bring a pair of binoculars and look for the seashells, hard grounded areas, and some obstacles that can steal your lures. 

Choose the Gear Wisely:

Luck is also an important factor in surf fishing but make sure you also streamline your gear. For example, a  spinning reel is an excellent choice for surf fishing. 

The universal option while choosing the rod for surf fishing is 10-12 feet. 

Fish in the Suitable Time:

The most helpful time for surf fishing is the magical golden hours. The first and last couple of hours of daylight are unbeatable. The fish are less exposed to predation and are closer to the beach during these times. 

Selecting the Soft bait:

Soft bait is the best choice when your live baits are not ready. The cast and retrieve method is excellent. Choose the scented soft baits with knowledge about color patterns that can attract the fish. 



Rigging live baits:

Live bait is your first preference as they can easily rig. Rig your baits from the nose or any other place that will not kill the bait, i.e., top fin. Surf fishing rigs are to be chosen on a different basis, as rigs are used to attract the fish in the area of the minimal structure. A common approach for surf fishing is fishing just off the bottom. 

Patient Behavior:

Surf fishing is the game of patience. Persistence makes a huge difference. The best surf fishing anglers fish during the early times, understand the tidal movements. 

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