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Sturgeon Fishing Spots in America

April 09, 2022

Sturgeon Fishing Spots in America

Acipenseridae family, the sturgeon fish, is abundantly present in the North America side and closely resembles paddle fish. Sturgeon are the long-lived bony fish and are regarded as a “primitive species.” Our article on Long-Lived Bony Fish~Sturgeon will help you know more about sturgeon fish.

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Sturgeon Fishing Spots in America:

Experienced anglers can catch sturgeon at a depth of 17 to 30 feet, while for young anglers, 4 feet is the most suitable depth. California to Alaska will offer you some thrilling adrenaline-pumping sturgeon fishing.

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This article is about some top sturgeon fishing destinations that are on angler’s bucket lists, and these are,

  • Willamette River
  • Gilbert River
  • Columbia River
  • Kootenai River
  • Snake River
  • Fraser River
  • Mississippi River
  • Missouri River
  • Sacramento River
  • Umpqua River
  • Delta 
  • San Francisco Bay
  • San Polo Bay
  • Suisun Bay
  • Rainy River

Willamette River:

The river goes through the heart of Portland at the lower Columbia River. The lower side of this Willamette fall at Oregon City has a decent concentration of sturgeon. Some sturgeons are present year-round, while some form the Columbia River flows to it in the fall and spend winter here.

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Sturgeon can be found in the deeper holes and some lower areas of tributaries. The lower riverside is the area of sturgeon where they actively feed.

Gilbert River:

Sturgeon fishing is very productive if you fish below the Gilbert riverside. The fishing rules and regulations are strict, and it would be best if you were careful about it.

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Columbia River:

This river breaks into different sections, and each has its productive areas for sturgeon fishing.

Bonneville Dam through Vancouver and the estuaries around Astoria are the most productive sturgeon area. Colombia is known to be the Heaven for sturgeon, with a variety of food available. 

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Sturgeon congregate in deeper holes. The best time for sturgeon fishing is in the spring and early summer.

Kootenai River:

Kootenai River has different sturgeon species, although white sturgeon was marked as an endangered species in 1944. The river is landlocked and flows from the Kootenai National Parks through western Montana and then to Idaho. Different Conservation actions have been performed on Kootenai sturgeon during reproduction times.

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Snake River:

The river is known to have real giants and has several productive areas. The areas with higher sturgeon populations are Bliss and C.J. Strike dams and Hells Canyon Dam down to Lower Granite Dam.

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Along with the best fishing spots, this river offers you some scenic locations. Before fishing on the snake river, please read the rules and regulations of fishing because three states regulate the snake river waters, and every state has its own fishing rules and regulations.

Fraser River:

Although it is not a US fishery, this Canadian water has the giants. It is recently reported that for having the largest “virgin sturgeon,” the fish weighs around 800 pounds.

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Mississippi River:

The Mississippi River and its tributaries hold massive sturgeon in several areas. The sturgeon here are giant, and the average weight is 50 pounds. St. Croix River confluence, such areas are the best to target sturgeon.

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Missouri River:

The river flows through several states, so check the state regulations about sturgeon fishing. Early spring and late fall proved to be the best time for sturgeon fishing. Target the areas of the deep holes around rock dikes.

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Sacramento River:

There are several areas to target the best sturgeons. The Decker Island area is best for sturgeon fishing from mid-winter to spring. The river area from Grimes to Knights Landing is on the angler’s bucket list. 

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Umpqua River:

It is the top Oregon estuaries for sturgeons as sturgeons find an abundance of sturgeon food such as clams, mussels, shellfish, and shrimps. White and green sturgeon are present, but only catch and release fishing is allowed.

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San Joaquin River Delta is the heart of California fishing activities. Several areas are suitable for sturgeon fishing, so divide the areas according to your accessibility. Winter to early spring are the best times when you can have productive sturgeon fishing; both white and green sturgeon are present here, although the state protects green sturgeon. 

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San Francisco Bay:

On the southern side of the San Francisco Bay, sturgeons are actively feeding. Sturgeons are present in significant numbers in the San Francisco estuary and Humboldt Bay. The area of the Alameda Rock Wall has giant sturgeons in the winter and throughout the spring. Dumbarton pier also offers good opportunities for sturgeon fishing.

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San Polo Bay:

It is the home to the “sturgeon triangle,” and the southwestern part of the triangle is the best to target. Petaluma Point on the northwest side of the bay is known for its smaller sturgeon. 

Suisun Bay:

Mothball Fleet is the famous area of this bay; it has outdated military fleets; although it is a smaller fleet now, it still marks the epic sturgeon grounds nearby. For Suisun Bay sturgeon fishing, you need patience and learning.

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Rainy River:

Rainy River is a stream system in northern Minnesota but has one of the densest lake sturgeon populations in the country. From the start of the river at the Four Mile Bay 40-mile to the upper sider of the river is the best habitat for sturgeon.

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Get ready and plan your trip for sturgeon fishing

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