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Best Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Spots

April 16, 2022

Best Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Spots

Thunnus albacares, yellowfin tuna, is the favorite catch for many anglers as they have big in size and inhabit the tropical and subtropical waters around the globe. Our article on Yellow fin Tuna provides complete information on this deep-diving fishing.

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The time of yellowfin tuna fishing depends upon location; however, the best method is bait fishing.

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Our article is about some top locations where you can catch trophy-sized yellowfin fish and have your best tuna fishing trips. The best spots for yellowfin tuna fishing are,

  • Venice, Louisiana
  • Panama
  • Oahu, Hawaii
  • Kona, Hawaii
  • Puerto Vallarta, México
  • Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexico
  • San Diego, California
  • Catalina Island, California
  • Florida Keys
  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


 Venice is called “Tuna town!” The small coastal region is famous among all anglers for the best yellowfin tuna fishing. Venice is considered a gem in terms of the yellowfin tuna fish. The southeast of New Orleans has this beautiful and productive place for tuna fishing.

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The fishing methods which are helpful to catch some big yellow fin tuna fish are chunking, live baiting, or poppers on jigs. Trolling works well in spring, while chunking is a productive method in winter. It is one of the hotspots for tuna fishing as it has offshore canyons, fish-filled reefs and more sites. Deepwater canyons offer tuna all year round; however, summers are considered the best time for yellowfin tuna fishing.


The best time for yellowfin tuna fishing is December to June. Panama doesn't offer trophy fishing; however, 170-pound fish is the success caught. The fishing gear you need for Panama water fishing is light tackle.

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Hawaii always offers you the best of your fishing experiences and is always on the bucket list of anglers. Oahu waters have hidden surprises for you, and you may have the best yellowfin tuna catch experience here. In Oahu, you can catch 325 pounds of impressive yellowfin tuna fish.

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Off-shore fishing will help you to have your best yellowfin tuna fishing experience. Trolling and chumming are helpful in Oahu.


Like Oahu, it also offers the best tuna fishing trips. The scenic locations and seaside cliffs are the plus point of this island, along with big catches. Hawaii is best known for the high-quality sushi yellowfin tuna fish, and the average weight of the caught yellowfin tuna here is 250 pounds.

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Puerto Vallarta wins the title of high record yellowfin tuna catch. The yellowfin tuna is giant, and it is called "CowTown.” This spot of Mexico is an excellent place to go if you are struggling to target yellowfin tuna of 300 plus pounds. It is one of the most incredible places to find yellowfin tuna feeding at the surface, and tuna are of different sizes here.

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Corbatena Rock is the most targeted place for yellowfin tuna fish. You can have long-range boat trips and bring your boats and while being there, never forget to enjoy PV style Sashimi.


Revillagigedos Archipelago and the southernmost bays on the eastern side of the Pacific off Baja are in the record to be the most populated area of most giant yellowfin tuna. The waters are so productive that yellow tuna are confined to that area and do not migrate.

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The warm water brings the best opportunities to catch yellowfin tuna fish. San Diego is considered a home to recreation tuna fleets. Understanding the fishery conditions is helpful for the anglers to have the best catch without wasting time.

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A beautiful offshore channel island that offers you the best yellowfin tuna fishing trip in the mid of summer. The island, along with fishing, is also a good place to spend vacations with your family. Live bait and trolling are the two best options for yellowfin tuna fishing.

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Florida, unlike other places, offers you the best winter fishing opportunities. Yellow fin tuna are not so abundant, but you can catch big game tuna while aiming at other fishes. The reported weight of Florida yellowfin is 12Lb.

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Galapagos island offers many lager yellowfin tuna fish to off-shore anglers. In Isabella island, yellowfin circles in big schools with wahoo. To find the schools of swarming yellowfin tuna take a look where blackbirds are flying as yellowfin fish are swimming just below it. 

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San Cristobal island has an offshore bank named Banco Rosa, and it is famous for dense numbers of big yellowfin tuna fish.

Plan your trip to have the delicious sushi from yellow fin tuna.

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