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National Fishing Month

August 11, 2023

National Fishing Month

Many of us like fishing anytime we have the chance, but according to seasoned anglers and fishing mythology, there are some days and hours that are regarded as the optimum periods for fishing. Every August in the United States is designated as National Fishing Month. The purpose of National Fishing Month is to raise public awareness of and appreciation for recreational fishing. This is a great opportunity for beginner and experienced anglers alike to get out on the water and enjoy some time with friends and family.

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Recreational fishing is a popular form of outdoor recreational activity that can have a wide variety of benefits. It can help to connect people with nature and provide opportunities for physical activity, relaxation, and socialization. It can also be an important part of the conservation effort to preserve fisheries and aquatic habitats. 

Best Time Of Fishing:

Different factors influence the optimal time to go fishing, Sun, Moon, tides and the weather has a great impact on fish activity. The phase between the new Moon and the full Moon is the best to plan your fishing trip. As an angler, you do not have to look at the Solar and Lunar calendars to plan a trip but you also must research fishing seasons and fish migration patterns.

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How To Enjoy National Fishing Month 2023:

This year National Fishing Month lasts around 37 days, which means more time to fill your bucket with fish and your heart with unforgettable memories and experiences. Here are a few tips or suggestions to enjoy the month to the fullest.

  • Go on fishing and fishing related events with your buddies and family. 
  • Not only this you can also organize a fishing event or a party to have more fun.
  • If you are among those unlucky people who don’t know how to fish this month is the ample time you should avail the opportunity and learn from experienced anglers.
  • Get your kids involved, give them a reel and rod, and let them explore more and more.

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  • National Fishing Month can be the right time to collect all your favorite baits and lures or other fishing tackle as most of the fishing stores are offering great deals and discounts.
  • Another important thing to practice this month is conservation. Practice catch and release fishing to help protect vulnerable populations of fish in our local rivers and streams.
  • Above all, this month is the best time to buy all your favorite fishing apparel as Fishing Nice has a sale going on. The value bundles offer great discounts so go and shop now. Some of the top deals are, 


Share your plans for how to celebrate National Fishing Month with us. 

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