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Best Fishing Destinations For August Season

August 20, 2023

Best Fishing Destinations For August Season

August is considered National Fishing Month in America and there are a lot of activities you can do to enjoy the summer fishing. Fishing in August can be a great way to end the summer on a fun and productive note. Anglers of all skill levels can enjoy fishing during this month, as water temperatures tend to stay warmer for longer.

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Prime targets during August typically include largemouth bass, panfish, catfish, and more for warm water species. For colder water species, trout and salmon may still be active and offer excellent sports as the water cools down. Wherever you plan on fishing in August, be sure to check local fishing regulations. You can also visit our blog National Fishing Month for more assistance. In Today’s blog, we will share some hot spots for August fishing.

Best Fishing Destinations For August Season:

Although summer is almost over but here are a few summer trips you can add to your fishing calendars. Check out the destinations that are on the bucket list of every fishing fanatic,

  • Michigan
  • New Mexico
  • Virginia
  • Montana
  • Wyoming


Who doesn’t love to fish salmon? Lake Michigan is the best-known destination for its salmon. So, gear up for the beautiful morning and evening at Lake Michigan to enjoy king salmon. Not only this, Pere Marquette of one of the best-known hot spots for brown trout and is known as the birth town of brown trout in the USA.

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New Mexico:

The mountain's chill water is one of the attractions but for anglers, the major one is the trout fishing whether it is rainbow trout, brown trout, or Gila trout. Take out your fly fishing flies kit and head toward the San Juan River and hook an exceptional mighty trout of 28 inches. Mornings are considered to be the most rewarding fishing time here.


The state with island fishing treasures as anglers love the variety of species to catch here. In Summer you can catch sea bass, croakers, flounder, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and blue marlin, and as your fishing bonus, you can also catch trout here. What else does a fishing lover wish for? The coming week after the August full moon is the best time to enjoy Island fishing in Virginia.

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Montana is a challenging fly-fishing premier of the USA. The Flathead River with its low water levels is ready to test your fishing skills. As compared to other fishing destinations this Montana river does not face such pressure and is known for fish like cutthroat, bull trout, northern pike, whitefish, rainbow trout, and lake trout. Learn a variety of techniques and do your research on which part of the river is best for which kind of fishing as there are a lot of fishing options from August to September.

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National Park of Wyoming holds the status of a memorable trout fishing destination. The majestic Snake River that flows through Yellowstone National Park is known for unmatchable summer fishing experiences. The lower Tailwater is considered to be more productive as it offers plenty of cutthroat, rainbow, and brown trout. 

Share your secrets about how you are enjoying National Fishing Month, with us.

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