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November 26, 2022


Marlin fish is a member of the perciform family Istiophoridae and is sometimes called “Makaira” as marlin belongs to the genus Makaira. Marlin is closely related to swordfish because of their long snout. They are widely distributed globally and are the most popular sporting fish.

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Types Of Marlin:

Marlin has four species that are different in their appearance, and each species has different fishing protocols. The four marlin species are,

  • Blue Marlin (Makaira nigricans)
  • Black Marlin (Istiompax indica)
  • White Marlin (Kajikia albida)
  • Striped Marlin (Kajikia audax)

Blue Marlin (Makaira nigricans):

The blue marlin is the biggest marlin in oceans and seas and is known as the “blue water fish,” it is also one of the world's biggest fish. The average lifespan of this beautiful fish is 18-27 years.

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Body Color and Body Shape:

Blue marlin has a cobalt blue to the gray-blue body while its belly is silver-white. They have streamlined bodies, so they are fast swimmers. Blue marlin has spear-shaped beaks.

Body Size and Body Weight:

Females are larger than males. The reported length is about 15 feet. The reported average weight of blue marlin is 400-600 pounds.


Blue marlin inhabit the tropical water and are present in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans. It is also present in the temperate seas and is known to make seasonal migrations. 

Difference between Blue Marlin and the Swordfish:

It is sometimes confused with the closely related swordfish as they have the same color and size. The one thing that distinguishes the blue marlin from its closely related fishes is that the blue marlin has a round and pointed bill while the bill of swordfish is flat and blunt.

Black Marlin (Istiompax indica):

The black marlin is the fastest and longest bony fish known on earth. The average life span is 5-10 years. One of the vital distinctive factors is that their pectoral fins are rigid, so they can not fold their body.

Pc: American Oceans

Body Color and Body Shape:

They have a sleek body which helps them to make swift movements. Like those of blue marlin, Black marlin has silver-white bellies while the back is dark blue or black. Black marlin has shorter bills.

Body Size and Body Weight:

They are one of the largest marlins, which can reach up to 16 feet, weighing 1500 pounds.


They inhabit the tropical and subtropical waters. They are present in surface waters of the Pacific and Indian and southern California to Chile open waters.

White Marlin (Kajikia albida):

White marlins are considered to be the shortest of all marlins. The distinguishing feature of the white marlin is the giant dorsal fin, more than any other marlin fish. The dorsal fins are not only large but also dark blue with black spots. The white marlin is present in the deep sea and is also known as Skilligalee.

Pc: The Billfish Foundation

Body Color:

White marlin has a lighter body color than blue and black marlin. The body of white marlin fish is gray, bluish-green, or brown, with a silver-white belly with brownish spots.

Body Size and Body Weight:

The white marlin is the smallest, and the highest average reported size is only 10 feet, with a weight of about 180 pounds


The white marlin is present in tropical and subtropical waters. They inhabit the epipelagic zone. The white marlin is present in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, southwestern Mediterranean sea, Caribbean, and Brazil.

Striped Marlin (Kajikia audax):

Striped marlin is among the best sport fish and the toughest fighters among other marlin fish and is also delicious seafood. The average life span is 20 years.

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Body Size and Body Shape:

Striped marlin has a streamlined body with dark blue color on the upper side and a white belly primarily similar to the blue marlin and other closely related billfishes; the distinguishing feature is the blue vertical stripes on the body

Body Size and Body Weight:

Striped marlin can grow in length up to 14 feet, while their weight is another feature that differentiates striped marlin from other marlin. Unlike those blue and black marlins, striped marlin do not weigh so much. The average reported body weight is 500 pounds.


Striped marlin inhabits the temperate, tropical water of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. California, Mexico, and Costa Rica are among the best spots to find striped marlin fish.

Marlin Fishing:

Trolling is the best method for marlin fishing. Live and artificial baits and lures are used. The time and season for marlin fishing depends upon the location and species. We also designed a beautiful design for your marlin fishing and that is ONE MORE CAST-BLUE MARLIN  .Enjoy your marlin fishing. 

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