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Chub Fish

December 03, 2022

Chub Fish

The European and North American fish of the carp family, Squalius cephalus, is a freshwater fish which represents different groups. Chub is a great bait fish, this small fish can help you to catch big targets. One of the greediest and fighter fish which aren’t line shy, so you will definitely enjoy catching it. 

Types of Chub in North America:

In North America, the most common fishes which referred to as chub are,

  • Creek Chub
  • Hornyhead Chub

Sometimes, the fishes other than cyprinids are also referred to as chubs as they are present in the northern North America,

  • Lake Chub
  • Peamuoth Chub

General Body Features:

Pc: Pixabay

  • The fusiform dark brown to olive green body is somewhat elongated, the tail is black while the lower side or abdomen is silverish or whitish. Chub fish has small yet visible scales. 
  • The head is rounded with a blunt snout having barbels and rubbery lips. 
  • Except the dorsal fin, all other fins are orange, which being green. The fins are convex shaped, and this feature is the chub distinguishing feature. 
  • The average life span is 14 to 20 years.
  • The maximum body weight is 40 to 8 kg, while the maxim length is 30 to 60 cm

Habitat and Distribution:

Chub are present in the slow moving rivers in the barbel zone as well as along the banks, bays, piers, rock piles, wood, brackish waters and shoals they mostly prefer the shallow habitats and in the lakes it undergoes spawning migrations. Lake chub prefer cold water lakes.

Chub mostly present in the European rivers, streams and lakes but also found in North American states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Montana, Dakota, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Michigan

Diet Of Chub:

Chub is omnivores fish it can feed on insects and plants when aggressive, even eat small mammals. They are often regarded as gluttonous, as they eat everything they encounter. They are mostly active int the afternoon in summers and in morning in winters. The favorite diet of chub is crustaceans, plants seeds, algae, worms, fish eggs, flies, larvae, minnows, roach, dace.

Pc: Pixabay

Methods to Catch Chub:

Little chubs are difficult to catch, however, the following methods are quite useful, the methods can be applied to different locations as difference of conditions.

  • Trotting
  • Float
  • Ledger
  • Fly-fishing
  • Feeder
  • Free-lining
  • Spinning with lures

The best and most used method is trotting and free-lining.

Best Gear for Catching Chub:

Chub are considered as small fish, but certain times they behave aggressively and are famous to quickly bite the bait, so be wise to choose your baits and fishing gear.

  • Hooks of 6 to 12 size will be ideal and hook size mostly depend upon the bait you used.
  • To catch chub the best baits can be worms, cheese, red worms, bread, pellets, maggots, hems, slugs, berries, sweetcorn, pinkies, shrimps etc. 

Pc: Pixabay

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