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June 18, 2021


Fishing is a great activity to enjoy your own company. Fishing is all about catching fishes and other aquatic animals. Fishing typically has different methods and one of them is bait casting. It is also known as still fishing, and the universally used method of fishing.

For bait casting you must have some suitable baits.

“Fishing bait is any substance which attracts the fish and ultimately catches it.”

The angler uses different types of bait to enchant the fish; to catch fishes of different sizes and types the fisherman uses different baits. The fish baits are mainly of two types.

  • Artificial Bait

  • Natural Bait

Artificial Baits:

The artificial bait is designed so perfectly that it looks likes natural bait. The artificial bait produces life-like actions and movements.




Lures are the best choice for fishing; different lures are used to attract different fishes. Artificial bait may include minnows, flies, frogs, resembling living bait but flexible and soft material.



Natural Baits:

Natural baits are the living prey that attracts the fish and can be used as alive or dead.

Some common natural baits are

  • Worms

  • Nymphs and Larvae

  • Grasshoppers 

  • Caterpillars


Worms are the best choice to be used as bait. Earthworms are known as universal bait for freshwater fishing. For saltwater fishing the European night crawlers are suitable. 


Nymphs and larvae:

The fish diet has nymphs and larvae as an essential part, so when you use nymphs and larvae as bait, fish are attracted and can be caught easily. 


Dragonfly and mayfly are the nymphs used to attract trout.


Grasshoppers and crickets are used as natural bait. Properly insert them in the hook; otherwise, you may lose your fish.



Corn borer caterpillars are the best bait while trout fishing. Similarly, different centipedes like hellgrammites can also be used. 


So choose your bait according to your fish type and enjoy your fishing.

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