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Winter Walleye Fishing

February 01, 2023

Winter Walleye Fishing

Winter walleye never fails to amaze anglers for perfect adventure. While talking about ice fishing, walleye are always on the bucket list of top class anglers. There are many mysteries and myths about walleye, and this aggressive predator can only be caught with perfect sense of fishing techniques.

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Our blog about walleye gives the basic information about this predator, however this blog is about the tips for winter walleye fishing. 

Winter Walleye Fishing Tips:

  • If you are planning your trip for ice fishing, and you are going to target walleye, you must consider the time of the season and the location because mid-season is considered as the harsh and difficult time for walleye fishing anglers, similarly late season walleye become aggressive as they are moving towards warmer water so decide according to your ease and experience.
  • Whatever, the season you choose, get out early to catch a walleye. It is because walleye are low light active feeders, so the sunrise and sunset time are proved to be the best times as during other hours walleye are usually lethargic and won't bite your bait. For walleye, it is said that “90 minutes interval” before and after sunset are the prime times. 

Pc: Pexels

  • If you want to enjoy nighttime ice fishing go and check the shoreline structures for walleye, mostly inhibit the weeds, sandbars and even island areas as walleye usually feed there at night. At night, use the rattle spoons and other such lures which produce vibration. Fishing Nice rechargeable twitching fish lure proves to be the best friend for walleye ice fishing.

  • Unlike other winter fishing, walleye fishing experience is different, in catching winter walleye you have to fasten up or do aggressive jigging to get walleye attention.
  • Being finking and annoying fish walleye will test your patience and fishing skills I would suggest you to use to flashy and vibrant lures, to use the perfect lure is the game you master with experience sometimes the flashy lure and sometimes a motionless natural bait resembling lure works.
  • A pro-tip is to use the artificial lure in combination with natural baits. Fishing Nice has an amazing collection of artificial fishing lures which are best for winter walleye fishing. 

  • Be careful to not make too much noise as noises will scare the fishes, mostly the noise of boats or walking on ice the only sound that seems pleasant to walleye is the vibrating sound of jigs and lures.
  • Jig closer to water and twist your line to attract walleye.

Walleye Ice Fishing Locations:

With the walleye fishing tips, you can enjoy your winter walleye fishing at the following top walleye ice fishing destinations,

  • Lake of Woods
  • Lake Erie
  • Lake Winnipeg
  • Devils Lake
Enjoy your walleye fishing and share your ice fishing experiences with us.

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