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Winter The Best Time for Perch Fishing

January 18, 2023

Winter The Best Time for Perch Fishing

Winter, the season of new real time fishing opportunities for the anglers, especially if you are a fishing fanatic who love to fish perch. Perch fishing is a whole different experience in winters, it opens more learning and experiences to the angler. Perch being little aggressive, and a bossy pan fish, to know more about perch you can check our blog about American yellow perch.

Pc: Pixabay

Winter Perch Fishing:

  • Winter is regarded as a perch season as it is fun to catch the small fish which can also be used to catch some other big fishes. Perch are regarded as the most neglected fish, but I think this is one of the reason you should go for perch fishing in winter, so you can enjoy fishing in cold with little fishing pressure.
  • The best time to go for perch fishing is the late in the morning and early in the afternoon when the sun rays warm the water a little bit as perch are mostly active around 40 to 50 degrees.
  • The water tracking is the key to find a big perch, look for all the areas, slow moving waters, locks, banks, weeds, bushes, boats, bridges, overhangs, as well as shoals of the small bait fish. Advice is not to spend too much time on a spot after you thoroughly check and always take short sessions, it will keep you motivated and you will not lose your patience.

Pc: Pixabay

  • In winters, as perch has to do a little more effort to get the food, it is a golden chance for you to use perfect baits and lures to attract the hungry fish. Maggots, worms, prawn, casters and other bright color lures. Another tip is to use tip-ups with minnow, as it will surely be helpful. Hook your baits tightly, as perch has strong fighting teeth.
  • Slowing down the process is the key of winter perching, let your lure be motionless and let the color attract the fish, so you can easily catch.
  • For a better approach you must have a fine line fishing reel with maxim power of about 5lb, fishing nice, metal spool spinning reel can be the best choice. Keep your line tight and use the hook size shape and size according to your lures. 

  • Wait for about 20 minutes after you cast, you will get a fish at the depth of 40 feet.

Best Winter Perch Fishing Destinations:

Pc: Unsplash

Here are some of the popular lakes and other destinations for the tastiest pan fish,

  • Eagle Lake
  • Rainy Lake
  • Gorgeain Bay
  • Superior Lake
  • White River
  • Lake of Woods

We will love to hear about your favorite perch fishing destination and your experience about catching the popular pan fish with powerful eyesight.

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