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Who Says Girls Can't Fish

March 25, 2023

Who Says Girls Can't Fish

Who Says Girls Can’t Fish!!

Girls as anglers can be as successful as boys. Girls can learn proper fishing techniques and take part in various fishing tournaments. Women also have the same rights and access to the same resources as men. Female anglers can use the same gear, rods, reels, baits, and lures as male anglers. Females as anglers is the empowering side of the society.

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“Every girl loves when a boy softly whispers in her ear, those three magic words….

Let's Go Fishing!!”

Girls should also learn to read the water, identify the different species of fish, and understand the environment in which they are fishing. Additionally, girls should be taught the importance of catch and release, conservation, and safety. With the right attitude, guidance, and skill, girls can become successful anglers. 

Reasons Why Girls Loves to Fish:

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There are a lot of reasons, that girls give, why they love to go fishing

  • To bond with family and friends
  • To relax and be outdoors 
  • To connect with nature
  • To practice an enjoyable hobby
  • To challenge herself
  • To learn new skills
  • To challenge her physical strength
  • To get away from everyday life
  • To experience the thrill of the catch
  • To enjoy the fresh air and sunshine

Fishing a Way to Empower Women:

Fishing can be a great way to empower women in both developed and developing countries. Women in many fishing communities are often relegated to a secondary role, despite the fact that they often play a vital role in the industry.

By encouraging women to take up fishing or to get involved in the business side of the industry, they can be empowered to take on more decision-making roles and gain more economic independence. This can help reduce gender inequality and promote more gender balance in the industry. Additionally, by giving women access to fishing opportunities, they can learn new skills, become more financially independent, and gain access to more resources. This can help them to become more involved in their communities and to have a greater influence on the industry as a whole.

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Women can lead in any filed, either it's hunting or fishing,

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