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Summer Bass Fishing

June 24, 2023

Summer Bass Fishing

One of the best summer activities is bass fishing. Summer is a great time to go bass fishing, although the temperatures and water levels and changing fish habits make the experience a bit challenging, but it's not the reason to not enjoy bass when temperature is sky skyrocketing. That means you’ll need, more energy expended and more fish caught. Summer bass fishing can be incredibly rewarding and provide hours of outdoor fun. With a little planning, you’ll be sure to have a successful trip!

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Factors To Look While Fishing Bass In Summers:

When planning a summer bass fishing trip, the three most important factors to consider are,

  • Water temperature
  • Location
  • Bait selection

Water Temperature:

Water temperature has an effect on the location and activity of fish, and must be considered in the selection of bait and location. The best times are the early and the last hours, when temperature is slightly less and fish are more active. When the sun is directly heating the water, oxygen level get low and fish feels lethargic and finds it difficult to breathe, so they move to the shady areas. 


During summers, bass prefer the cool shady places which provide good cover as well as cooler water. The habitats with dense vegetation, brush piles, humps, deep pockets are considered as bass haven, currents also important factor while looking for bass as the currents are good food and oxygen source. Focus on the shallow water areas.

PC: Pexels

Bait Selection:

Bass in summer are unpredictable, it's a general believe that big bait mean means big bass and the rule of thumb while selecting bait is match the hatch. The most commonly used lures for summer bass are spinnerbaits, crankbaits, topwater frog, plastic worms, lipless crankbaits, etc.

Summer Bass Fishing Tips:

Here a few bass fishing tips which help you to catch big bass this summer, 

  • Slow down your retrieve, to keep lures in the strike zone, in this way you can entice lethargic bass.
  • During summer, nighttime fishing will not increase the success rate but also gives you unforgettable memories.
  • Top water lures as well as low-light options are the best choice for summer bass fishing.

  • During the sun hours, use the polarized sunglasses to avoid glare and try the deeper water areas as fish are to hide in deeper water to reserve their energy.
  • Channel currents, creeks, points, river mouths are always proved to be the productive spots to start.

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