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Spring Walleye Fishing Tactics

April 29, 2023

Spring Walleye Fishing Tactics

Walleye are known to be finicky and can be tough to catch, but the reward of a delicious, hard-fighting walleye is worth the effort. Spring walleye fishing can be a great time for catching walleye. Walleye are most active in the morning and evening hours, so these are the best times to target them. Use different techniques and try different areas to have the best catch. To know more about walleye, you can check our blogs about the best walleye fishing lakes and winter walleye fishing.

In today’s blog, we will talk about spring time walleye fishing and the tactics which make it easier for you to target the delicious big walleyes.

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Best Places to look Walleye in Spring:

In the spring, walleye can be found in the shallows of most lakes and rivers, as they move in from deeper water. Fish in shallow, weedy areas and look for areas with depth changes.

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When fishing for spring walleye, focus on areas with rock, sand, or gravel bottoms and target structure such as points, reefs, humps, and drop-offs

Best Baits and Lures for Spring Walleye:

Walleye are attracted to bright colors in the spring, such as chartreuse, orange, yellow, and pink. White and silver are also good colors to use during this time of year.

Live bait such as nightcrawlers, leeches, and minnows are also effective. Other than live baits you can also use jigs, spinners, crank baits, worm harnesses. You can also try your luck with artificial fishing lures such as Fishing Nice 3 Pcs Multi Jointed Swimbaits Wobbler Crankbait Slow Sinking Swimming Lure.

Spring Walleye Fishing Tactics:

Here are three main tips and tactics which will surely helpful while your spring fishing trip in search of walleye.

  • Keep the game slow, presenting the bait slowly and steadily with jigs, spinners, and crank baits are all effective methods for catching walleye. 

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  • Go deep, as fish are looking for food in the shallow cool waters, mature walleye move back to deeper waters more quickly, so for trophy walleye catching target the deeper spots.
  • Fish where they spawn, the shallow water holds larger number of aggressive walleyes so mouth of streams, rivers and creeks are the hot fishing spots in the early spring fishing. An interesting fact about walleye is that they return to the same spawning grounds each year, so once you find the exact spot, you can enjoy walleye fishing for years.

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