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Montana Fishing Spots

July 17, 2022

Montana Fishing Spots

Montana is considered a dreamland for anglers and is always on the top of anglers’ bucket lists. The big sky country of Montana has large gems, with trout being the state fish of Montana.

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Montana has many beautiful fishing spots, from crystal clear lakes to pebbled streams and large blue rivers. Fishing in this state is like a dream come true. Montana provides the best fly fishing opportunities in the four seasons, spring, fall, summer, and winter.

Best Fishing Spots in Montana:

Montana fishing spots have an excellent tangible impact on the visitor's brain. This state is covered with incredibly scenic views, beautiful landscapes, snow-covered glaciers, and blue water rivers between mountain valleys.

Here is a list of some top Montana lakes and rivers which will help you to plan your next fishing trip with your family and friends,

  • Hebgen Lake
  • Yellowstone River
  • Ennis Lake
  • Madison River
  • Harrison Lake
  • Big Hole River
  • Gallatin River
  • Smith River
  • Beaverhead River
  • Missouri River

Hebgen Lake:

The lake is one of the imprudent lakes on the western side of Yellowstone and is famous for its rainbow and brown trout, especially in summers. Fly fishing from a boat is the most suitable and easy option because it is quite challenging to walk on the shoreline. 

Yellowstone River:

One of the biggest and undammed rivers in the United States and one of the rivers which offer prime fly fishing conditions in Montana. Yellowstone river has its source in Yellowstone National Park and is considered as the world's best and most productive blue-ribbon fishery. Yellowstone river has some restrictions that you can walk and wade without, while tubing and floating are not allowed.

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This river is known as paradise valley because of some quintessential views and has abundant trout populations, whether rainbow, cutthroat, or brown trout.

Ennis Lake:

The reservoir separates the lower and upper Madison River. The best time to fish on Ennis lake is in the morning and the afternoon. Spot fishing, either in drift boats and walk-wade, is allowed. It is the house of rainbow and brown trout

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Madison River:

One of the best fishing spots in Montana, Madison River, is known for its varied fishing conditions, greater access, and beautiful scenes. Early summer and fall are the best seasons to fish in the Madison River. The warm water of the Madison River allows you to walk and wade. 

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The Madison is known for its incredible trout of all types; rainbow, brook, cutthroat, and brown trout. The Madison confluence with Gallatin River and Three Fork River makes it more popular, and its proximity to Bozeman makes it the perfect location for fishing fanatics.

Harrison Lake:

Harrison is known for its challenging fishing conditions as it has the best fighting trout. The trout in this reservoir are so powerful that they cause a bend in your rod. This lake is your go-to place if you love the adventurous fishing conditions.

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Big Hole River:

Big Hoe Rover is the blue-ribbon river southwest of Montana in the Big Hole Valley. The fishing chances here are challenging and tough, but the overall experience is lovely. You may catch rainbow and brown trout here. The summer and spring seasons are ideal for fishing here.

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Gallatin River:

The Gallatin River is famous for Montana fly fishing and one of the best fishing spots in Montana, especially in summer, offering many accessible points. Most of Gallatin River offers wade fishing as float fishing is prohibited. The picturesque Gallatin valley offers the best landscapes and scenic views. Gallatin River is the perfect place for your summer fishing trip with family and friends.

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Smith River:

One of the best fishing spots in Montana, offering striking fishing and scenic views. Fishing here is difficult in a sense as most parts of the Smith River flow from the private land, and permits are required for float fishing in the most popular part of the Smith River. 

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Limited fishing pressure will allow you to fish peacefully, and you can expect a good size rainbow and brown trout. Be quick and apply for the permit even before the start of the summer season, as permits are hard to get.

Beaverhead River:

One of the deep, swift, and challenging rivers and is known as one of Montana's best fishing spots in terms of whitefish and brown trout. It has many accessible fishing spots, and boat fishing is also allowed here. 

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Missouri River:

One of the largest and must-visit rivers in North America. Missouri River has many hidden gems and offers the trophy brown trout fishing. Along with trout, anglers also love to catch walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, sauger, catfish, sunfish, and carp.

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