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How to be a good fisherman

October 24, 2022

How to be a good fisherman

Fishing is not just an activity to spend your free time, fishing is a way of living, it reflects your personality. 

“Fishing is not an escape of life, but a deeper immersion into it.” ___ Harry Middleton

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Every angler has its own fishing styles and has different taste, but here in this blog we will discuss some amazing and quality fishing tips which will help you to be a good fisherman.

Fishing Tips and Techniques:

Being a fisherman, you must have to adopt certain habits which will help you to enjoy the adventures of fishing.

  • A good fisherman is very organized, when you master the art of organization you will never return empty-handed. You must know when to fish, where to fish and what gear you will use. 
  • Almost half of the land is covered with water, but fisherman always choose the best waters according to the fish types, weather, state regulations, other accessibility and recreational factors. As Charles Waterman also said,

“Most of the world is covered with water. A fisherman’s job is simple; pick out the best parts.”

  • Fisherman should not only be good at selecting the right place for fishing, he must be good at choosing the right time for fishing. Some fishes are most active during the daytime, some before the dawn, some in the evening. Some fishes are good to catch in fall, others in summers. So being a fisherman, it is your prior planning that will help you to get a mighty catch. 

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  • Observation and patience are the key to success in every field, especially in fishing. Sometimes it is frustrating to wait for long, but being consistent and focused are the prime qualities that every fisherman must have. 
  • Practicing and more practicing will be rewarding. Practice different gear and techniques and then stick to the technique that work best for a particular fish. 
  • Your safety is the first priority, use proper techniques and if you are a beginner opt to go with some experienced angler or a guide. 
  • Read fishing journals and magazines and try to learn different aspects fishing is a skill which you gain with experience, it's not like a magic that happens overnight.
  • Try different lures, and you must have full knowledge about lures and baits for saltwater and freshwater fishing.

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  • Fishing is not only about catching, your angling skills also judged by the way you handle your catch. Handling your catch require great care and focused mind. Sometimes, sisters happen when fisherman tries to de hook the fish.
  • Do not hesitate to take challenges, try out different techniques and try to catch big fishes. Trust your guts, believe in yourself. Patience and dedication will help you in your journey. Try out new places and fishing spots, try to catch different fishes. Learn from your experiments.
  • Last but not least, not only handling but also cooking and eating your catch to make your fishing trip memorable. Being a good fisherman, you should know about different recipes to enjoy your fish at the spot.

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Share with us the tips and techniques that you learn from your fishing journey.

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