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"Hook your catch of the season, April Fishing is here!"

April 08, 2023

The first Saturday of the April, is the right time to head towards your favorite location and hook your catch of the season. In many states, April is known to be the beginning of the fishing season. As a general rule, April is a good time for freshwater fishing in the United States. In the northern states, April is usually the beginning of the open-water fishing season. In the south, April is the beginning of the spawning season for many species, so fishing can be good.

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"Catch the Big One this April - It's Fishing Season!"

Today's blog is about the fish species you can catch this April as well, as we will share some of the top places where you can fully enjoy the fishing opportunities at the start of the season.

Best Time to Fish In April:

The best times to fish in April vary depending on your location and the species you’re targeting. Generally, the best time to fish in April is during the mornings and evenings, when the water temperature is slightly cooler.

It is also important to consider the moon phases when planning your fishing trips, as the best times tend to occur during the full and new moons.

Best Fishes to Catch this April:

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As traditionally it is the start of fishing season and water is warming up, so you can enjoy a lot of fishing opportunities, but before you decided to catch a fish from a certain fishing spot make sure you know about all the rules and regulations to avoid any mess. Here is a list of few fishes you can catch this April,

Best Spots for Fishing in April:

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Do not worry, we have compiled some of the top famous fishing spots which are all anglers' favorite and always on the top list and these are,

  • Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
  • Lake Taneycomo, Missouri
  • Lake Okeechobee, Florida
  • Lake Texoma, Texas
  • Lake Erie, Pennsylvania & Ohio
  • Lake Michigan, Wisconsin & Michigan
  • Gulf of Mexico, Florida
  • Lake Powell, Arizona & Utah
  • Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hemisphere
  • Lake Champlain, New York & Vermont

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