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Get Ready For Sea Bass Fishing

July 04, 2021

Get Ready For Sea Bass Fishing

Bass Fish is the common name to many fish species; the term represents both freshwater and marine fishes.

The sea bass is the fisherman’s favorite due to its taste and size range to over  8  pounds. 

This article is designed to give you some idea about the sea bass fishing season, the suitable fishing gear, and the best sea bass fishing spots to enjoy your sea bass fish.


You can fish around the year, the sea bass swamp in the spring season, so mostly present in shallow waters of Southern New England. The sea bass travel to spend winters in deep waters off the mid-Atlantic region.

It would be best if you went fishing in November and December to have jumbo-sized sea bass of about  5- to 6-pound .


To have the best fishing gear,  you must have some understanding about 

  • Best Sea Bass Lures

  • Best Sea Bass Baits

  • Best Sea Bass Rig

  • Best Sea Bass Fishing Tackle

Best Sea Bass Lures:

There are many methods to catch sea bass. Using bait and lures is one of them. The popular way to catch sea bass is the lead head jigs tipped with natural (soft-plastic trailers) or artificial bait (Berkley Gulp) with lightweight spinning gear.

The key to successful fishing is to keep your fishing line vertical. Drop your jig crank the reel half turn to keep the jig about  12 inches  above the bottom. Attract the sea bass in the feeding area by making the jig dart up, then lower it back, and repeat.

Best Sea Bass Baits:

The discussion about the best sea bass bait is still disputable. Some of the baits are

Natural Baits:

Sea Bass like the following natural baits

  • Squid

  • Mollusks

  • Baitfish

  • Crustaceans

  • Bloodworms

  • Sandworms

Squid  is the most popular and inexpensive bait among all.

Artificial Bait:

The artificial baits having a natural scent can also be the best choice.

  • Z-Man Scented Baits

  • Berkley Gulp

Best Sea Bass Rigs:

Sea bass is a good fighter, so using natural baits on the rigs is quite tough. However,High-low rigging is the basic and popular way to fish and works well in moderate and heavy currents where fishing is difficult.

Materials for High-Low Rig:

You need the following materials

  • Barrel swivel

  • 40-pound-test monofilament leader material

  • Bank sinker (2 to 6 ounces depending on depth and current)

  • 4/0 baitholder hooks or straight-shank

Best Sea Bass Fishing Tackle:

The type of tackle you use depends upon fishing conditions. The two most common are

  • Spinning setups

  • Conventional setups

Spinning setups:

Spinning tackle is best to be used when fishing in  10 to 60 feet  of water. The setup includes

Reel:3000 to 4000 size spinning reel 

Rod: 6′ to 7′ 6″ medium or heavy power rod

Line: 20- to 30-pound braided fishing line

Leader: 15- to 20-pound fluorocarbon leader

Conventional setups:

Conventional setups are preferred when fishing in heavy currents of about  more than 60 feet . The conventional tackle includes 

Reel: 20 to 30 Sized Conventional Reel

Rod: 6′ to 7′ 6″ medium or heavy power rod

Line: 30- to 50-pound braided fishing line

Leader: 40-pound leader 


Sea Bass are present around structures, jetties, reefs, piers. In spring, sea bass are mostly near about  20 to 40 feet ; in summers, they move in deeper waters in  60 to 120 feet  and hold on reefs. In winters, sea bass moves to depths of  120 to 240 feet .

Some of the sea bass perfect fishing spots are

  • Narragansett Bay

  • Rhode Island

  • Long Island Sound

  • New Jersey

  • Buzzards Bay

  • Cape Cod

  • Block Island

So, get ready and take a trip and go sea bass fishing. 

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