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Fishing Makes Me Happy, Humans Makes My Head Hurt

March 07, 2023

Fishing Makes Me Happy, Humans Makes My Head Hurt

“Fishing adds years to your life, and life to your years.”

This quote is pretty true as, fishing is one of those outdoor activities which lessen the burden from one’s soul and mind. Fishing helps you to rethink about the lessons of life and to spend time to know more about nature and yourself. Fishing is the simplest and popular recreational activity which not only makes you thrilled while you are on the water, but also makes you happy when you come back home too. That's why our blog is about, 

“Fishing makes me happy, humans makes my Head Hurt.”

Ways Fishing Can Make You Happy:

Fishing is not only a sport and an outdoor activity to spend time, but it is the ultimate happiness and the pure form of joy which inspires people all around the world and many people can contact with single spirit. Here are a few ways though which fishing makes you happy,

  • Fishing improves physical fitness, as it is good exercise in itself and a perfect way to fulfill your vitamin D level, and it will boost your immune system and your mood will be fresh. Fishing improves your cardiovascular health, as struggling to catch a fish will burn calories, and it will make your heart healthy and helps to control blood pressure. 

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  • Fishing is a challenging and thrilling experience and when you complete your inner passion to catch a big fish, the feeling of fulfillment will boost your confidence and self-esteem and makes you happy. 
  • Fishing is a way to relax your mind and to control stress as it helps in healing, it is proved from studies that spending time with nature always has strong impact on mind and soul and such positive feeling will make you happy. Spending time in nature will help you to forget your worries, and you will admire the God’s creation. 
  • A delicious dinner at the end of the day, is definitely your reward and who do not like a protein rich reward. Fish is rich in protein and omega -3 fatty acids which are good for healthy skin, nails and even your heart. 
  • Fishing is a gateway to spend time and build a strong bonding with friends and family, a fishing trip is a way to rewind life and left behind all the worries and stress and spend time at a peaceful lake with good company. 

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