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Choosing the Right Bass Clothing

November 23, 2020

Choosing the Right Bass Clothing

Fantastic Bass Clothing and T-Shirts for US Fishing Aficionados  


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Bass fishing has been a popular sport and hobby in the United States historically. Primarily because it is found all over the country, and second, anglers will agree it's just too much fun. The large size of the bass fish and its aggressive nature makes it a perfect challenge. 

Preparing for your bass fishing apparel and equipment is simply crucial for a successful catch. Seasoned fishermen usually head towards lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams that provide ample cover for big bass to hide and hunt for food. 

Bass Fishing Shirts for The Right Weather

One thing even the noobest of bass hunters will tell you is that the fish has some moods during weather changes. In the open sun bass fish consider swimming waters that have ample of cover. On the other hand, in cloudy weather bass fish tend to come out and expose themselves.

You must be ready and prepared with recommended bass fishing shirts for the right weather. Most recreational anglers tend to wear bass fishing shirts with a hoodie or jacket on top in case it's going to be a bit cold on the water.  

Under the scorching sun t-shirts are a quality bass clothing option, but it's important you choose the right fabric. As the body sweats you need bass shirts that won't absorb the moisture, while providing airflow to wick it away. 

Easy to Flex & Maneuver

Anglers usually consider bass fishing clothing that is easy to maneuver around in, while it is suited to the weather. A functional shirt is essential when bass fishing, because if you hook a ‘big’un’ , it's going to give you a run for the money. Being flexible is the name of the game when you go hunting for the ‘mighty bass’. 

As cotton bass clothing gets sweaty it gets heavy and there is a limited airflow through the fibers. Therefore it is always recommended for fishermen to consider a more lightweight, flexible and breathable material like Lycra, polyester, or nylon bass shirts.

Don't Forget the Sun  

A sunny day is great for bass fishing enthusiasts, however, empirical research has already alerted that constant sun exposure is in fact dangerous for the human body. This is the same reason you see footballers, cyclists, cricketers, athletes and other sportsmen suited in body fit synthetics. 

Every bass fishing clothing has its own UltraViolet Ray protection factor or UPF that can be detrimental in protecting you. The American Society for Testing and Materials rates clothing with a UPF of 25 and above as very good protection. 

A cotton synthetic blend with polyester, nylon or other materials can significantly increase the bass clothes resistance to the sun. The addition of synthetic textiles allows these fishing shirts to have more vibrant colors and tougher exterior to reflect UV rays instantly. 


Cyclists are usually given lycra, nylon and cotton based high performance clothing to protect them from a number of natural factors. Similarly, modern bass fishing apparel are specially treated to offer resistance to cold, heat, tears, color fading, and UV rays. 

Lightweight & Breathable   

It may not sound important when we read it, but try fishing in  the summer sun for 5 minutes with cotton bass shirts. The fabric soaks in the sweat making it heavy and irritating after a while. This limits your ability to maneuver, considerably killing off your agility while catching stronger bass, compared to other fishes.  

Choosing breathable fabrics that provide airflow through tiny gaps in the fabric allows the shirt to keep you cool while silently waiting. Superior design bass fishing clothing also provides vertical moisture wicking, which in simplest terms means it extracts sweat and water through the fabric and leaves the rest to evaporation. 

Health & Hygiene

Most clothes that retain sweat and water are a major cause of infections and diseases. Cotton synthetic bass shirts also offer this added health safeguard, embedded into its antimicrobial technology. High performance bass fishing shirts are specially treated to ensure no fungal buildup and reduced bacteria throughout your fishing adventure.

Wear & Tear

Wear and tear, the most critical factor when choosing bass clothing for your next angling trip. Investing in fishing apparel is just as important as in a good fishing rod, boots, sinker & hooks etc.

Quality bass fishing shirts are inspired from athletic wear offering you a perfect body fit and are more resistant to minor scratches, tears from hooks, and getting caught in items. This robust construction allows your favorite bass clothing to offer longer lifespans. 

Vibrant & Camouflage

Premium fishing apparel is treated with leading-edge tech to give them more vibrant colors and retention after multiple washes. The prints are more lucid and the colors are part of the fabric. These high performance fishing t-shirts are also excellent camouflage allowing you to blend into nature and fish in peace. 


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