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Catfish fishing

May 07, 2022

Catfish fishing

Catfish is the most diverse group of ray-finned fish widely distributed in different continents except Antarctica. Check our blog on Catfish to know more about catfish and its species. This blog on catfish fishing covers two main topics; one is how to catch catfish, and the other one is some top catfish fishing spots near me. 


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To catch catfish, you must know when and where to fish the catfish and the catfishing gear.

When and Where to look for Catfish:

Catfish are mostly active at night, so night brings the best fishing, but it isn’t foolish to waste the daytime because that fish is always hungry and loves to feed during the daytime.

During the night, catfish barbels help them detect the vibrations, and catfish have a good sense of smell that helps them detect food even in the dark.

They are present in the muddy water, the base of drop-offs, humps, and other deep structures in the daytime. While at night, shorelines, deep weed edges, points, bars, and flats are some good places to look for catfish.

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Method of Catfish Fishing:

The best approaches to catching the catfish are

  • Drift Fishing
  • Still Fishing

Still fishing is effective during nighttime catfish fishing, while drift fishing is productive throughout the day. 

Catfishing Gear:

You don't need some high-end gear for catching catfish; only a basic gear kit is enough. For catching catfish, your must-have gear list is,

  • A spinning reel and rod with medium-heavy power.
  • Artificial fishing lures and live baits such as minnows, live worms, cut baitfish, grasshoppers, etc.
  • Treble and circle hooks, bobbers, jigs, rigs ( poly ball rig, slip rig, slip float rigs, Wolf River rig).
  • Pliers for removing hooks.

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Spots Of Catfish Fishing Near Me:

Catfish have many species present in the areas with no human approach as this group of fish has large diversity. The three most popular species of catfish which are present in North America are,

  • Channel Catfish
  • Blue Catfish
  • Flathead Catfish

Some of the spots in North America must be on any angler’s list for catfish fishing, and these are,

  • Santee Cooper Lakes
  • Texoma Lake
  • The Red River
  • Lower Mississippi River
  • Wheeler Lake

Santee Cooper Lakes:

The catfish species present in the Santee Cooper lakes are Blue, Channel, and Flathead catfish.

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The Santee Cooper lakes are Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie in South Carolina. The lakes are lunker-filled, and these lakes are considered the best for producing big catfish in great numbers.

Texoma Lake:

Texoma lake of Texas is the largest reservoir of Blue catfish in the United States. The lake attracts about 6 million tourists per year, and you can find giant catfish here. February to the early days of March is the best time of year to catch big Blue catfish.

Pc: Pixabay

The lake has abundant food for the catfish. Look for the places near the holes, structures, and transition zones between shallow and deep waters. Look at the Texas fishing regulations before making a decent catch at the lake.

The Red River:

 The best spot to catch Channel catfish in North America is the Red River of the North, as this river creates a border between Minnesota and North Dakota, and it flows into Canada.

June and July are the prime feeding time for the catfish in the Red River and are also considered the suitable time to catch the Channel catfish; however, if you are looking for some giants of about 30 pounds or more, plan your fishing trip in September.

Lower Mississippi River:

The river is the best place to catch giant catfish, either Channel catfish, Flathead catfish, or Blue catfish

Pc: Pixabay

The dense populations of Channel catfish are enough to fill the stringer of anglers. The night time trips are best to have Channel catfish of up to 5 pounds. The bottom fishing method is best recommended if you look for Blue catfish. The water of the lower Mississippi River is filled with leaves and dikes and is regarded as a magnet to attract one of the biggest Flathead catfish.

Wheeler Lake:

This northern Alabama lake is known to have the three species of catfish, and among them, blue catfish are the most abundant and giant catfish, which is commonly caught by anglers. Winter is the best time to fish; however, the lake offers round-year fishing opportunities.

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