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Best Walleye Fishing Lakes

August 04, 2022

Best Walleye Fishing Lakes

Sander vitreus, is a native perciform fish of the Northern United States. The olive-colored fish gets its name due to the cloudy eye. To know more about one of the top spring-caught fish, you can visit our blog, Walleye.

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Best Walleye Fishing Lakes:

If you are wondering where you can enjoy the best walleye fishing in the US, this blog will definitely help you to find the best walleye fishing near me. Finding the best place at the best time results in enjoyable trophy walleye fishing. Here is a list of the best walleye fishing lakes,
  • Devil’s Lake, North Dakota
  • Lake Ontario, Ontario
  • Lake McConaughy, Nebraska
  • Lake Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Lake of the Woods, Minnesota
  • Lake Francis Case, South Dakota
  • Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee
  • Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin

Devil’s Lake, North Dakota:

Devil’s lake is the haven for the anglers looking for the Walleye as this lake has an abundant population of big Walleye. The best season is in September; if you think this lake is only for one type of fishing, you might be wrong as this lake also offers you some other fishing wonders.
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Try using flicker minnows and look up the isolated rocks' areas as walleye move to rocky regions after weed drying.

Lake Ontario, Ontario:

In the eastern Ontario, Bay Quinte is the largest walleye fishery in the world, and you can fish Walleye in all seasons, but the best Walleye are supposed to be found right after August. Here one can catch the heaviest record walleye fish of 6 to 10 pounds
Deep diving crankbaits may help you to locate the active fish ponds as the lake offers food and refuge to the Walleye.
Pc: Pixabay

Lake McConaughy, Nebraska:

The lake is the best spot for the legendary walleye giants on the northern side. Its location and the factors like cottonweed trees and alewives help the Walleye grow big, and these factors also shelter them.
Using spinnerbaits is the ideal choice and the prime time for walleye fishing in Lake McConaughy is November.

Lake Erie, Pennsylvania:

The Walleye capital of the United States and is the best walleye fishing spot, especially in fall. For successful walleye fishing, the lake has three main basins; the western, central, and the eastern basin.
Pc: Unsplash
The central basin is well known for summer walleye fishing. The western basin is considered dead unless you have a fish locator, while on the eastern side, you can enjoy up to 10 pounds of walleye.

Lake Of The Woods, Minnesota:

Minnesota lake of the Woods is always on the bucket list of walleye anglers. Lake of the Woods is the walleye fishing capital of the world in many aspects, as walleye fish here are huge, you can fish all the year round, and Walleye here are plentiful.
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Lake Francis Case, South Dakota:

One of the best walleye fishing lakes in South Dakota, as in the peak walleye fishing season, you can enjoy the trophy walleye fishing at Lake Francis Case. The prime season for fishing walleye in South Dakota is from June to mid of August.

Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee:

A perfect lake in Tennessee where you can enjoy other fishing options along with walleye fishing. Dale Hollow lake is also known for its bass fishing. 
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Make sure you read Tennessee's fishing regulation, as you can only keep Walleye of 15 inches with a bag limit of 5 walleye per day. Spinnerbaits prove to be the best choice.

Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin:

Walleye fishing on Lake Winnebago is more successful in spring; however, summer nights also offer some appropriate chances for walleye fishing.
Pc: Unsplash
This lake is definitely a good walleye fishing spot in Wisconsin, where the bag limit is probably 3 walleye per day
Renew your fishing license and find a way to spend more time in nature while enjoying your walleye fishing.

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