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Where to go for Salmon Fishing in Alaska

October 31, 2021

Where to go for Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Salmon are  “anadromous”; they live both in freshwater and in saltwater. They spend a few years since birth in freshwater and then move to saltwater. Salmon fishing is a great sport as it is one of the best fish to eat. You can catch the fish either from the shore or in the boat.  


The most common five species of salmon are

  • King (chinook)

  • Chum (dog salmon)

  • Sockeye (red)

  • Coho (silver)

  • Pink (humpy)


The best season for salmon fishing is from early spring to late fall, depending upon targeted salmon species and location. For example, the  King Salmon season starts from late April and lasts till early September. 

July to August is the season for silver, pink, sockeye, and chum salmon


Alaska is considered  “the capital of salmon.”In Alaska, you have a variety of rivers and oceans to go for fishing, and some of these are given below, 

  • Anchorage

  • Kenai River

  • Sitka

  • Homer

  • Seward

  • Talkeetna

  • Yakutat

  • Ketchikan


You want serious fishing; you can surely start from here.  20- to 30-pound king salmon and  8- to 10-pound silver salmon can easily be caught.


Kenai River:

This river is rich in all five species of salmon. The waters are turquoise and have the record of the world’s largest salmon, 97-pound king, caught here. 



This is a small town known for its Russian culture and offers both freshwater and saltwater fishing. The saltwater salmon is about  100 pounds.



This is about a six-hour drive from Anchorage, which provides fishing opportunities all year round. 

You can fish with a catcher on Kachemak Bay, or you can also feel alone. 


The southern city in Alaska where you can enjoy fishing and some incredible scenery; glaciers and mountains.


Seward boasts one of the largest Silver Salmon runs in the state. Along with salmon, you can also enjoy sea otters, porpoises and whales. 


The silty glacial rivers offer the five species of salmon, just like river Kenai, at 2 hours distance from the anchorage. The fish size is not too big, but you can catch twice as many fish simultaneously.



The small town in the Southeast, its most significant wealth, offers all the five species of salmon. Halibut is also common here. You can fish from the shore as all the fishes are close to the beach. Also, provide hiking and surfing opportunities.


Ketchikan is the prime spot for salmon fishing, with rivers and lakes where you can go for solo fishing and hire a catcher. It provides you all the five species of salmon along with halibut, steel head, rock fish, brook trout and many more as it is the center of fresh and saltwater fishing.

So, get ready to catch the tasty salmon fish.

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