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Basic Summer Fishing Tips

July 22, 2022

Basic Summer Fishing Tips

The temperature of the environment has just changed, and water bodies are warmed up and welcoming the summer fishes. It is a sign for the anglers that they should gear up for the summer fishing trip.

Summer fishing is a bit of a challenging experience as it is difficult to find a hungry bass because food is abundant during this period of the year.

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Summer seems to be lazy as it is hot outside, but being a fishing fanatic, you can't just sit in the air-conditioned room and chill. To know what your essentials for summer fishing should be, you can visit our blog on A Guide about Summer Fishing Outfit, and for the idea of which fishes you can find in summers, please check our blog Top 5 Summer Fishes to Catch this Summer!

This blog is about some basic tips and techniques which might be helpful when you are fishing in the warm season.

Basic Summer Fishing Tips:

As you are fishing in hot weather, you must know about the best time to cast your line and you must be aware of some other factors as well. 

Best Time for Summer Fishing:

The best time for summer fishing is early in the morning at dawn, afternoon, and early evening when the sun is not so hot because fishes move to the deeper layer for cover during the hotter time of the day.

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Fish Care during Summer Season:

It is not only what and how you are catching summer fish, but the most important thing is the fish care during the summer season. Fishes are not so sensitive to temperature change and take longer to respond to the change in temperature. 

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Take extra precautionary measures and land the fish as quickly as possible but remember that your hands must be wet while unhooking the fish and if it is possible, keep your catch in the water while unhooking. I must advise that deciding a place where you will land your fish is really helpful.

Environmental Factors You Should Observe:

  • While you are doing summer fishing, the wind is your best friend as it not only lowers the environment temperature but also breaks the surface tension of water, and it acts as a trick to fool the fish with your artificial lures.
  • In summer, changing currents is also beneficial. Observe the water movements keenly, especially in the nearby areas of structures, boat front, and docks.
  • Just like the windy day breaks up the lure profile to some extent, a cloudy summer day is a happy fishing day for the anglers. The bass rises to the surface more quickly on cloudy days than on sunny days. Moreover, you enjoy fishing on a cloudy day with less sweating.
  • When you see a storm is coming, be quick to cast your line as this time there is a change in pressure which is a good factor in your favor.
  • In summer, another important tip is to find cool pockets on every lake and river, especially after rain when you can fish to the places you couldn’t do before.
  • Walk through the seaweeds and look for the places where the fish may hide themselves on a hot summer morning.

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  • Along with artificial fishing lures, don't forget to try live baits like worms and jig them properly so you can catch a fish rather than losing your worm.
  • Always try to cover the area where water is more oxygenated, like in summers you can look at such areas where the two rivers meet, or where a stream or river runs into a big water body.
  • If you are dreaming about big fish, you need changes in your fishing gear, like increasing the weight to target bigger fish. Choose a Max drag power fishing reel as the bigger fishes rest in deeper waters on summer days.

Make the best of your summer vacations and go on a summer fishing trip. If you are wondering where to go we have already posted a blog for your ease on Summer Best Fishing Lakes Near Me


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